Welcome to the website of  TCRI Ltd.  We are a company providing services in forensic collision investigation.

The majority of our investigations relate to collisions that have resulted in fatalities, or catastrophic personal injuries.  Working in both Civil and Criminal fields, our clients include insurers, legal representatives, highway authorities, and occasionally other interested parties.

TCRI was founded in 2008 and remains under the direction of one its founding members, Peter Jennings, BSc, MSc, MITAI, a forensic scientist with over 30 years’ experience in the field of collision investigation.  Peter’s career history includes employment at the Dept of Engineering Science at Oxford University, the Transport and Road Research Laboratory, and the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory.

Following a period of expansion, TCRI now operates with 4 consultants who, in addition to undertaking general collision investigation work, can offer a combined knowledge of various specialist topics including CCTV analysis, pedestrian collision analysis, and vehicle restraint systems.