During their careers, our Consultants have each published a variety of material within the research literature (all of which is recognised as the work of the individual, not TCRI Ltd.):

Peter Jennings

Published Papers

  • Application Of The Calspan Crash Program Under European Conditions.  Jennings, P & Staughton, G.  IRCOBI Conference 1978
  • Development And Evaluation Of The CRASH2 Program For Use Under European Conditions.  Jones, I &  Pennings, P.  IRCOBI Conference 1980 and SAE Paper 810473, 1980.
  • Swerves And Lane Changes.  Jennings, P. Impact Vol 1 Number 1, 1990.
  • Is The Sliding Coefficient Of Friction Of Tyres Speed Dependent?  Manderson, J & Jennings, P.  Impact Vol 2 Number 2, 1992.
  • Articulated Vehicle Braking (I Braked But Couldn’t Stop).  Jennings, P.  Impact Vol 2 Number 2, 1992.
  • Brakes Legislation And Accident Investigation.  Jennings, P.  ITAI Conference 1997.
  • Methods For Assessing Vehicle Speeds From Impact Damage.  Jennings, P.  ITAI Symposium 1998
  • Scrim Data: An Overview.  Jennings, P. Impact Vol 7 Number 2, 1998.
  • New And Improved Accident Reconstruction Techniques For Modern Vehicles Equipped With ESC Systems.  Lambourn, R, Jennings, P, Knight, I & Brightman, T.  TRL Paper PPR223, 2007.

    Gary Coley

    Published papers

    • Developing the Research Applications for High-Resolution Real-World Collision Data. Coley G et al, (2010) TRL Published Report 487
    • Validation Studies of the Human Vehicle Environment (HVE) Program Simulation Model Non-Linear (SIMON). Parry DI, Marsh F and Coley G, ITAI 7th International Conference
    • Modelling of real world pedestrian accidents. Coley G (2004) PHD Thesis, School of Engineering, Birmingham
    • A passive safety gap analysis of real world accident data. Coley G et al (2004), International Crashworthiness Conference, San Francisco
    • Pedestrian injuries: effects of impact speed and contact stiffness. Neal-Sturgess CE, Coley G and De Oliveira P, IMechE Vehicle Safety (2002)
    • Pedestrian human body validation using detailed real world accidents. Coley G et al, International IRCOBI Conference on the Biomechanics of Impact, pp 89-102