Collision-Investigation-1We anticipate that most of our professional clients will be familiar with the field and will not require a full break-down of the range of topics and the type of analytical methods that they may expect to find in a forensic collision investigation report. However please do contact us if we can offer any clarification or advice on the investigations that we undertake; or to discuss the requirements of a particular case.

Collision-Investigation-2We are happy to provide an initial assessment of a case, by way of an advice letter, to help prospective clients determine whether they wish to proceed with obtaining a full collision investigation report.

Collision-Investigation-3Due to the varied nature of the investigations that we undertake, it is impossible to provide a generic estimate of our fees for full investigations and reports. However we will endeavour to provide an estimate of timescale and cost before confirming any instructions. More information may be found on our terms and conditions page.

Collision-Investigation-4We pride ourselves on ensuring that any forensic collision investigation reports that are required for service in Criminal or Civil litigation are prepared diligently, and in careful accordance with the letter and spirit of the Criminal or Civil Procedure Rules. All reports are subject to our own internal Quality Assurance review process prior to disclosure. The reporting Consultant will attend Court and provide expert testimony as required.

We have our own comprehensive reference library, as well as various specialist software and equipment, including:

  • Collision-Investigation-5WinCrash
  • PC Crash simulation software
  • VS FX3 and Edge FX diagramming and animation software
  • ARAS 360HD & Reality forensic animation software
  • Trimble total station surveying equipment
  • Vericom accelerometer
  • Manikins for pedestrian slide testing
  • Radio control equipment [built by David Hague] for vehicle crash testing

We undertake investigations throughout the United Kingdom. Please contact our office for enquiries regarding collisions external to the United Kingdom; we will discuss and consider these on a case-by-case basis.

Above: Luke Jennings and David Hague conducting vehicle crash tests at the 2014 ITAI Crash Test Day

Above: Luke Jennings and David Hague conducting vehicle crash tests at the 2014 ITAI Crash Test Day